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Our Vision

Rick and Sandee Lester have shared a vision, for many years, of opening a marriage retreat in Florida where couples pay what they can afford in a love offering.  Couples who can't pay will be accepted on a “pay it forward” donation supplied by others who have benefited through the Lester’s ministry.  All offerings and donations will go to the upkeep of the retreat.

Couples will attend the retreat with the understanding that there will be no electronic devices, no television and no cell phones allowed, so they can devote their attention to each other and revisit why they fell in love.  While there will be some group activities and classes, most of the time will be spent alone, as a couple, practicing how to reconnect in a healthy manner.  Counseling will be available for those who desire it.

Couples may spend a few days or up to a week at our retreat and enjoy the privacy of their own room.  All meals will be included.  
The Lester’s also plan to use their retreat for community outreach through various activities and events.

In the mean time, they hold marriage retreats at Chinsegut Hill Retreat Center in Brooksville, Florida.
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